1. Traveling exhibition of non stereotypical headlines


The main activities of this working group:

During this working group, the participants will develop the content, graphic design and technical solution for the traveling exhibition of headlines. An international team of experts from different educational backgrounds will gather headlines of articles that were published in their countries, in which content is based on bias and generalizations about migrants and refugees. During the workshop the headlines will be rewritten to draw attention on how media represent different groups of society. The exhibition will reflect the situation of refugees and migrants in all 7 participating countries.

Specifically we will:

  • Develop the content, graphic design and technical solution for a traveling exhibition of headlines
  • Create a travelling headlines exhibition plan and how best  to present them, in order to make the most;
  • Rewrite headlines that have a negative impact on vulnerable groups too demonstrate a more ethical approach;
  • Have an opportunity to travel around Europe with the exhibition, and discover more about the situation in those countries that take the exhibition.

Why should you be part of this dream team?

The Project is seeking to work with experts who have experience in using an appropriately broad vocabulary and critical terminology, as well as writing clear headlines that reflect accurately the content of an article. We are looking for participants who have clear understanding of journalism ethics and who want to contribute to fair and accurate news coverage.

What are the benefits for the future?

This workshop aims to motivate journalists to become more sensitive towards vulnerable groups, and enable them to apply critical thinking to coverage of stories about migrants. Participants will receive practical information about how to identify the effects of discriminatory headlines. With the help of the mainstream media, we intend that the exhibition will be publicised nationally and internationally in order to improve public understanding and media literacy.

If you are interested in participating in this working group please apply using the application formby 15th of July.