2. Project communication campaign

The idea

The main activities of this working group:

During this workshop, communication experts from different fields will develop a Voice4Migrant detailed communication strategy, visual image and posters for newsrooms. With an effective communication strategy, we will broadcast the message on how to welcome refugees and encourage them to become a part of oursociety.

This creative workshop will be completed by developing a clear and comprehensive report that will reflect all achievements and opportunities for each partner organization.

Specifically we will:

  • create a communication strategy with innovative tools;
  • create informative posters for newsrooms;
  • create a contact database to reach out to opinion-makers and multipliers;
  • develop a clear and comprehensive communication strategy that matches the specific needs of each participating country

Why should you be part of this dream team?

The Project is seeking to work with experts who have the experience in using effectively various media platforms, and have strong written, visual and oral communication skills. This strategiccommunication planning is conceived as a means of building and enhancing the skills of the media professionals and their outlets, as well as to empower them with more understanding of sensitive issues.

What are the benefits for the future?

The practical implementation of the workshop aims at creating a communication plan for all the elements of the “Voice4Migrants”project. Based on this plan, participants will try to engage the wider public in the goals of the project. Our main aim is to deliver a clear messages about refugee acceptance and integration.

If you are interested in participating in this working group please apply the application form by 15th of July.