3. Migrant Library


The main activities of this working group:

This innovative workshop will give an opportunity to migrants to enter the parliament buildings and discuss with politicians about their stories and struggles with politicians. The participants will not only take part in this parliamentary initiative, but they will also be involved in developing a strategic plan to implement this unconventional approach to lobbying.

Participants will make use of the Human Library technique – a non-formal educational method that promotes mutual understanding, tolerance and respect for human rights. Operating under the principle that “Everyone has a story, but not all stories are in the books”, the Human Library consists of living books, librarians and readers and has proved highly effective is schools and community projects.

Developing a Human Library is a special process – the migrants and refugees be empowered to participate as ‘living books’ – able to feel safe as they tell their stories and answer questions. Participants will get to share their experience with migrants from other countries whose experiences may be both different and similar.

The eventual 4-hour-long Human Library will be an opportunity, especially for politicians, but also for the wider community, to meet the real people whose predicament has so often been misrepresented in the media and political discourse.

Specifically we will:

  • develop acommunication plan on how to attract parliamentarians to participate in the ‘Migrant Library’;
  • develop a plan on to ensure that partnering organizations fully understand the logistics and vision of the project
  • find ways to assist participating partners to implement a ‘Migrant Library’ in their country;
  • be able to travel to several European countries, implementing ‘Migrant Libraries’’

Why should you be part of this dream team?

The Project is seeking to work with experts who are highly motivated in appreciating multi-culturalism. We are looking for professionals who have fresh ideas, keen on strategic planning and demonstrating show their organizational skills, and enthusiastic about being part of an innovative project that will make have impact on public opinion.

What are the benefits for the future?

For migrants and refugees it will be a great opportunity to articulate their predicament to those who in positions of power who make decisions that affect their lives. The worksop is aiming to challenge parliamentarians’ misconceptions, using open dialogue to try to change negative attitudes towards migration.

If you are interested in participating in this working group please apply using the application formby 15th  July.