4. Plan of working with media as a target group



The main activities of this working group:

This working group is focusing on creating a strategic plan for the future training in Spain, in which participants will be expected to identify hate speech and neutralize it. Participating journalists and experts will design journalistic experiments and creative content in the form of posters that will be used in local newsrooms. The programme will include lectures and practical seminars, as well as more informal methods that include the ‘Human Library’, ‘real life modelling’ and creative workshops.

Specifically we will:

  • create journalistic simulations and scenarios for use in partnering countries, related to their social, political and migration conditions;
  • develop 8 different experimental plans to reflect the situation in each participatory country
  • come up with different scenarios for each partner country, so that the stories can later translated to other languages
  • give significant importance to journalism ethics, and the privacy of those individuals involved in experiments

Why should you be part of this dream team?

The Project is seeking to work with journalists and media experts who are able to investigate issues in depth, with fresh ideas and innovative plans to achieve them.  You will be able to show your planning strategic skills, but you will also have opportunities to improve your ability to collect, edit, analyze and interpret data and statistics for storytelling.

What are the benefits for the future?

This strategic planning will be the first step to determine the way the other events in the Voice4Migrants project will be implemented. After this plan, participants will have a clear view about how to prepare informational posters on migration issues for editorial offices to challenge bias and stereotyping. It is estimated that the published journalistic experiments/stories will reach at least a million users/viewers/readers and so, we hope, it will have an impact on public opinion.

If you are interested in participating in this working group please apply using the application form by 15th of July.