APPLICATION FORM: Working group 2

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ENGLISH LEVEL* (please give us a level).
Levels are from 1 (sufficient) to 5 (very good)

EDUCATION* (max 1000 characters)

Provide information about your studies and your degree. If you are still studying, please provide further information about your University, Faculty, subject.

EXPERIENCE* (max 1000 characters)

Describe your working experience within media: where do you work/have worked or collaborated, on which topics (social, economics, finance, etc.)? Candidates who work on social issues will be in priority.

Here you can upload your articles on social topics and issues related with vulnerable groups. They will help us to get to know your attitude towards these issues and your writing skills (your style, structure, originality, abilities to express yourself on paper).

What is your motivation for applying for this project? What would you like to learn during the workshop?*(max 1000 characters)

What are the skills and abilities you feel you will bring to the project?* (max 1000 characters)

Which of the activities offered are especially interesting for you? And which ones do you consider challenging?* (max 1000 characters)

Please tell us your attitude regarding migration policies* (max 1000 characters)

How did you find out about our project?

Are you eligible between the dates 15-17 September?

In additional, upload here your CV (up 2 pages)

SPECIAL NEEDS (max 1000 characters)

Please tell us if you come from vulnerable groups or if you need any special support.

The workshop “Voice4Migrants” will take place on the following dates:

Antaliepte 15 – 17 September 2018.

We inform you that when you submit your application you confirm that:

• you are interested in the right of socially vulnerable groups to be free from discrimination;
• you can undertake the responsibility to write an investigation on invoking writing, video, audio or multimedia expression;
• can easily communicate and express yourself in English;
• you might be asked to participate in the other events that "Voice4Migrants" will implement in Hungary and in Spain.

I confirm that I am familiar with all the participation conditions and agree to obey them