Hiba Obaid

Hiba Obaid is a journalist and online editor in the national German radio station (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), online editor and translator in MitmachMusik (a Project for youth and children refugee musicians to learn music and play in an Orchestra), she works also as a trainer and speaker for the refugee journalists who want to enter the German media and she is a freelance journalist for several magazines and newspapers both in Germany and the Arab world.

Hiba Obaid began her work as a journalist in 2011. After the war started in Syria, together with a group of journalists, they founded their own magazine at the University of Aleppo, where she was studying Arabic literature.
The magazine was published in secret as it was a clear rejection from the student’s movement against the Syrian regime. based on real stories about the arrested students for political reasons by the Syrian regime, they highlighted their stories and demanded their freedom in the daily demonstrations that were taking place at the University of Aleppo.

As the war situation in Aleppo got worse, she was forced to flee to Lebanon to protect her family and herself, as most of the opposition journalists were getting arrested by the regime.
In Lebanon, she worked in Radio ’’Alaan’’, where she conducted many interviews with Syrian refugees living in Lebanon to talk about their situation and how they manage to live in such bad situation in the camps there.
In 2013 she moved to Turkey and started to work with IMC Humanitarian organization, where she worked as a trainer for women on the subject ‘’how to deal with incidents of violence’’ that were repeated in the Syrian camps near the Turkish border.

In 2015 Hiba moved to Berlin, Germany where she began her journalism training ship with Alex Berlin TV, which it took place in more than 10 TV channels, radio stations, and newspapers in Germany. Since then she has been writing for several newspapers and magazines in German and Arabic. Her first article in German was published in one of the most known German newspapers ’’Der Tagesspiegel’’, later In May 2018, Hiba traveled with the founders of ‘’Journalists in Exile’’ Der Tagesspiegel Project to Vienna to receive an award of excellence for the best European newspaper supplement in Europe. Her article subjects are mostly about dealing with the freedom of the press, the contrasting feelings of exile, as well as women rights.

In 2017 she started working as online editor and translator with a music project ’’MitMachMusik’’ which it began when Professional musicians started visiting refugee Children in Refugee Centers to teach them music. Now it’s considered as one of the most important music projects in Berlin and Brandenburg as they have established an orchestra played by children and youth refugees from around the world. Behind these young musicians were many stories waiting to be known, which is part of Hiba’s work.

In 2018 Hiba Obaid began her work with the German national and cultural radio as online editor. She is also a speaker and a trainer for the refugee journalists who want to enter the German media field. In we press organization she trains both German and refugee journalists about the basics of Journalism in Germany.