Journalistic Experiments

Each of the Partners organization will develop a journalistic experiment, which will be presented and discussed at the open event. Media4change, having a lot of experience of using journalistic experiments to sparkle social change, believes that they have great potential to influence people. This is because they ensure participation effect, open up room for discussion about social and personal responsibility in witnessing everyday discrimination. All experiments are loaded emotionally and encourage the expression of empathy and solidarity.

We believe that for the long-term results, the Journalistic experiments help societies to critically evaluate themselves and their prejudices. They are mirroring society’s indifference towards human suffering and injustice.

So, after the experiments will be presented at the open discourse in Hungary, it is estimated that they will become as important in their coverage as the breaking news: they will get onto covers of magazines or be broadcasted prime time on tv/radio, reaching at least 100 thousand unique users/members of audience after publication.