About Media 4 change

About the project

Media4change is a powerful movement for highest standards in journalism. We do believe that there are journalists who discover space for journalism ethics and human rights in their works.

We are carrying out journalistic investigations on the issues of human rights, equality and diversity, and working on joint projects with editors and human rights experts. We not only discuss with professionals and experts on what is important, but also we create — one of our main goals is, together with independent journalists and editors, to examine problems that are outside of the media agenda. We believe that the cooperation between NGOs, media and experts is the key to a better representation of socially vulnerable groups.

The movement was initiated by the project “Address of Human Rights — Journalism”. This was the official name of Media4Change’s activities. Our goals was that, in prospect of continuity of the activities of this project, Media4Change will continue to be a strong movement for higher standards of journalism, the movement will be complemented by new ideas and projects of members of the movement.

Our goals:

We believe that media is a powerful weapon to protect the public interest. At the same time, we strive to create the society with no forgotten people. Therefore, our goals are as follows:

  • Development of the cooperation network of journalists, human rights and media experts;
  • Requirement to journalists of ethically and aesthetically talking to the public about problems of socially vulnerable groups;
  • Cooperation with journalists and experts in carrying out large-scale journalistic researches;
  • Provision of conditions for socially vulnerable groups to speak out about their problems and to be heard;
  • Cooperation with editors in creating contents on socially vulnerable groups;
  • In future perspective, provision of conditions for the society to show confidence in journalists they like and to support their brave ideas.

Media4change on a regular basis hold discussions, workshops, seminars, formal and informal meetings with journalists, human rights experts, representatives of socially vulnerable groups and other NGOs.

Structure of the project “Address of Human Rights — Journalism”:

  1. Workshops for young journalists and journalists;
  2. Forum-discussion for editors;
  3. Media monitoring;
  4. Trainings for socially vulnerable groups to deliver their problems to the society;
  5. Trainings for journalists from regions;
  6. Journalistic campaign, journalistic research implementation.

Opportunities and advantages

Together with community members Media4change network is aiming to create transparent, qualified, analytic journalism. We seek to maintain sensitivity towards human rights’ issues, critical thinking, informativeness, accuracy, journalistic investigations in Lithuania. For journalists, experts and community members we offer:

    • participation in Media4change activities – trainings, contests, events of National Institute for Social Integration;
    • communication and networking regarding journalists, experts, socially isolated groups (who belongs to Media4change community);
    • opportunity to get sources for your articles, partners for initiatives or projects;
    • opportunity to offer sensitive topics, which could be elaborated and go public on behalf of professional journalists;
    • technical support;
    • information about funding opportunities for investigative journalism;
    • updates, news and opportunities of Infodesk for journalists;
    • platform/pool to share, broadcast your journalistic works;
    • consultations of experts and editing your articles;
    • useful literature on the media, human rights, investigative journalism;
    • the results of media monitoring, statistical data (in terms of socially isolated groups).


Media4change is implemented by a professional team, the members of which come from five European countries. The Coordination Centre is in Lithuania. It regularly employs three professionals. They are assisted by the initiative group, consisting of journalists, editors, media and human rights experts.


Nationsii-logonal Institute for Social Integration creates and applies social innovations that support integration of people from various socially vulnerable groups within the diverse society.

The Institute has been hosting the Young journalists’ development programme since 2009. The organization brings together experts from Journalism, Human Rights and numerous other fields to work on mutual projects. The investigations carried out by young journalists are published widely across different media channels in Europe.

You can review programme portfolio here: http://zurnalistui.lt/en.