Maddalena Fontana

Maddalena Fontana is Project Officer in the Human Rights Education Program of NISI (National Institute for Social Integration), in Vilnius. The Programs aims at spreading Human Rights culture and combating stereotypes, speaking and acting in order to provide with justice and dignity people coming from “vulnerable groups”. She is working on different advocacy projects and organizing events to promote social values.

She has a longstanding interest for Human Rights and social inclusion, which she explored both from the theoretical as well as from the practical and professional point of view before emigrating to Lithuania, in 2018.

Indeed, she studied Moral and Social Philosophy for five years, at the University of Milano and at the Sorbonne-Panthéon Paris 1. She then got a Diploma in International Cooperation and Development at the ISPI School in Milano, focusing on Human Rights and Migration issues.

Her academical period has always been accompanying with social activities, jobs, and volunteering: she worked in a community for minors with migration backgrounds, participated in philosophical workshops organized in collaboration with the University of Milano inside Bollate prison, in Italy, and worked in the Italian NGO Celim.