September 3, 2013

An invitation to Editors to share their concerns and experience

Across Europe populist and extremist movements are manipulating peoples’ fears and prejudices to build support for their divisive policies at a time of economic crisis. Inciting hatred against unpopular social groups is a classic strategy to gain visibility and garner votes, especially in times of economic crises.

What is the role of the media and journalists when hate speech is on the increase? Who should decide on the limits of freedom of speech? How do media professionals in other countries tackle the problem of hate speech and discrimination?
Concern about this phenomenon has been expressed by the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the European Union, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, UN special rapporteurs and many independent experts, human rights groups, academics, as well as civil society organisations. Alarm has also been raised about continued derogatory stereotyping and stigmatization of minority groups.

The National Institute for Social Integration (NISI, Lithuania) is inviting 25 senior print, online and broadcast editors from Italy, UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania to meet in Cagliari, Sardinia for 2.5 days (24-26 October) to share their approaches, opinions and experience in relation to these challenging issues, and to learn more about the rise of extremist movements in Greece, Hungary and the Netherlands.

Applicants should have a good knowledge of English, an appreciation of domestic politics and an interest in human rights and ensuring that minority voices are heard. All costs of participants will be covered by the organizers.

Please apply by completing the application form till 30 of September 2013.


Shyama Perera

shyamaShyama is a weekly newspaper reviewer and social commentator on BBC London. For TV, Shyama co-presented Eastern Eye, made by LWT for Channel Four. She worked briefly as a researcher and as an Associate Producer.  Series she has presented include: The Six O’Clock Showon LWT, BBC2′s Behind the Headlines and Talk of the Eighties, BBC1′s Love ect.

She is an elite level mentor and consultant. She regularly chairs conferences and moderates debates.

Mike Jempson

1108_Mike_JemposnA journalist, author, university professor and trainer, with over 35 years experience in print, broadcasting and public relations. Mike Jempson has been Director of The MediaWise Trust since 1996. He co-founded the journalism ethics charity (then known as PressWise) with ‘survivors of media abuse’ in 1993. Mike provides the public voice of MediaWise, advises individuals and organisations with complaints about the media, and runs training programmes and media literacy projects in the UK and internationally. He specializes in ethical coverage of children, youth, IDPs, migrants and asylum seekers.

Eric Heinze

ericProfessor of Law at Queen Mary, University of London.  His books include Citizenship Unmodified: Democracy and the Problem of Hatred (forthcoming 2014); Debating Hate Speech (forthcoming 2014, with G Phillipson), The Concept of Injustice (2013), The Logic of Constitutional Rights (2005); The Logic of Liberal Rights (2003); The Logic of Equality (2003); Sexual Orientation: A Human Right (1995) (Russian translation 2004), and Of Innocence and Autonomy: Children, Sex and Human Rights (editor, 2000).  His writings also appear in such anthologies as Examining Critical Perspectives on Human Rights: The End of an Era? (Dickenson et al., eds. 2012); Law and Language (Freeman & Smith, eds., 2012); Extreme Speech and Democracy (Weinstein & Hare, eds., 2009); Protection of Sexual Minorities since Stonewall (Chan, 2010); Religious Pluralism and Human Rights (Loenen & Goldschmidt, 2006) and Minority and Group Rights Toward the New Millennium (Bowring & Fottrell, 1999).  His recent articles appear in Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Harvard Human Rights Journal, Modern Law Review, Ratio Juris, Legal Studies, Law & Literature, Law & Humanities, International Journal of Law in Context, Michigan Journal of International Law, National Black Law Journal, Journal of Social & Legal Studies, Law & Critique, Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence.


NISI initiated the Media4Change movement which has been hosting training around human rights issues for young European journalists since 2009. Our partners include The Baltic Centre for Investigative Journalism Re:Baltica (Latvia);  Media Diversity Institute (UK); Arci Catania; TDM International (Italy); Concordia International Group (Spain); International Initiatives for Cooperation; Foundation Centre for Economic Development; International Development Alliance; & International Initiatives for Cooperation (Bulgaria).

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