May 16, 2014

Journalist are on their way with their investigations

“We, journalists from all around the Europe, are taught to make a stand, to look at things from a privileged position. In order to write differently, we have to think differently and that is the main challenge” – said journalist Alessandra Abate. Since the time for journalistic investigations is coming to an end, journalist from many countries, are finishing their investigations with multiple issues concerning social environments in their countries.

1379800_666932243324810_1329919843_n“While doing my investigation on nationalism in Lithuania, I concentrated on nationalistic groups and the hate speech they use. Where is a thin line between nationalism and nationality? What indicates, that the line is crossed? That’s the question I am willing to answer”- said Lithuanian journalist Gabija Sabaliauskaite.


Spanish journalist Daniel Burgui Iguzkiza decided to present the society with an upcoming story on stateless people. “In Spain there are some extraordinary cases related to the Saharawi people. Some of them are with a Spanish nationality, others have a refugee status, but some of them are living on that legal limbo, trapped by kafkian laws: they are stateless people. Not recognized by any nation.”


Stories of the journalists cover many different issues – prostitution, autism, fascism and many others. What social problems is Europe facing today? Can we change our point of view and solve problems that happens right next to us? All questions will be answered by socially responsible media4change journalists.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 4.03.00 PMActivities mentioned in this article is part of the project “Journalism – Home of Human Rights”

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