May 27, 2019

Media4Change International Conference Perceptions of Migration – the challenges for media professionals and the new European Parliament

We invite you to attend this International Conference on 28 June 2019 in Vilnius, Lithuania and participate in panel discussions about the work of partners organizations in the Voice4Migrants project. The Conference will focus on existing challenges, opportunities, and perceptions through analysis of the activities and outcomes of the project. But it will also set an agenda for media professionals and the newly elected European Parliamentarians. Deadline for applications: 5th of June.

The conference was conceived at a 3-day Voice4Migrants Strategic Workshop in September 2018, attended by media practitioners, journalists, policymakers, and civil societies organizations. This group of international ‘change-makers’ felt that the ‘high level’ debates conducted by inter-governmental, academic and mainstream non-governmental organizations might have more impact if the conversation were expanded to the grassroots level, engaging those directly involved with vulnerable groups, migrants and refugees build new counter-narratives.

Constructive collaboration

Media4change takes a collaborative approach to tackling hate speech and prejudice.

In the intervening months, the Voice4Migrants project has brought together media professionals and social activists, as part of the Media4Change collaborative approach to tackling hate speech and prejudice. Together they have examined migration policy, media output and public prejudices in seven EU countries – Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, and Spain – and attempted to develop counter-narratives.

This conference will share the achievements and challenges of the project, from a variety of perspectives. Invited speakers will review hate speech and the stigma experienced by migrants in the partner countries, and reflect upon the results of journalistic experiments, migrant libraries and other aspects of the project.

If you share the Media4Change belief in advocating for more inclusive, diverse and participative media working for a hate-free society, this event is for you.

Join us in our efforts to redefine the way migrants and vulnerable groups are represented in media across Europe. We hope this will be an event you won’t want to miss! More details when speakers have been confirmed.

Registration will grant participants access to a variety of events and activities in Vilnius on the day.

Number of participants: 28

Deadline to apply: 14 June.

Costs: Accommodation, meals and travel expenses will be met (but travel costs are limited according to distance bands: to be aware, that the contribution to travel costs has certain limits (according to program’s distance band, participants will be reimbursed €275 for up to 1,999 km; €360 for more than 2,000 km.)

Project Partners:

  • S.O.S. Racismo Gipuzkoa, Spain.
  • National Institute for Social Integration, Lithuania.
  • Szubjektív Értékek Alapítvány, Hungary.
  • UNITED for Intercultural Action Network, Netherlands.
  • European Youth Press -Network of Young Media Makers EV, Germany.
  • Associazione Trepuntozero, Italy.
  • Agenzia di promozione integrate per I cittadini in Europa- APICE, Italy

Application procedure:

To apply please complete the registration form here.

The call is addressed to all EU countries, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Kosovo, but please note that priority will be given to participants from Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing [email protected]

This invitation is a part of the project “Voice4Migrants”, funded by the “Europe for Citizens” programme. 


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