November 28, 2016

Media4Change team has been invited to participate in the European ‘Diversity Accelerator’ mentoring program

The Media4Change team has been long working towards establishing the Investigative Journalism Center for Eastern and Central Europe focusing on topics of human rights violations and it seems that the goal has just came closer to the reality. The project has been selected as one of 10 best European media startup initiatives to participate in the mentorship program ‘Diversity Accelerator (Div-A)’ which is run by media experts and funded by the European Council.

Div-A mentors and participants

Div-A mentors and participants

‘The Diversity Accelerator (Div-A)’ mentoring program aims at supporting media startups in the process of development of their business plans. The mentors are prospective European media entrepreneurs and journalists who themselves managed to set up viable and sustainable media businesses and non-profits several years ago.

The 10 participants from 8 European countries had first met with their mentors in Lisbon on 10-11 November. The meeting was a great networking opportunity as all of the journalists emphasise the diversity inclusiveness in their projects. But most importantly, the meeting has set the development guidelines for sustainable business plans.

The international Media4Change movement will be taken to a higher level with the mentorship of Gergő Sáling, a Hungarian journalist, founder and editor of Direkt36, a non-profit investigative journalism center in Hungary. His team is not only relying on support of philanthropic foundations, such as Rockefeller’s or George’s Soros, but also runs successful crowdfunding campaigns that help them to sustain their independence and quality reporting.

Exploring new ways of managing contemporary journalism enterprises, such as transmedia, crossmedia, sponsoring or crowdfunding will be following activities during the ‘Diversity Accelerator (Div-A)’ mentoring program. Next meeting is scheduled for April.

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