December 21, 2018

Peer2Peer Educators Training

What happens when 20 dedicated young leaders are gathered in one training in Lithuania?

Media4Change organized a unique training in Lithuania implemented by the Critical Thinking and Media Literacy in Youth Work programme funded by Erasmus+. The Peer2Peer educators had the opportunity to learn tools on how to think critically to what the media presents them. At the same time, through formal and non-formal education methods, they were taught how to spread the knowledge they gained at the training to their community.

The sessions were implemented by professional trainers and an inspiring lecturer Viktor Denisenko who explained to them what is propaganda and tools to recognize it on media. Moreover, Neringa Jurčiukonytė the founder of Media4Change presented to them the principles of journalism ethics and standards and suggested ways of covering stories based on the journalism code of ethics, while showing real cases from Lithuanian media outlets. Last but not least, the young leaders had the chance to see how campaign strategies are created and they were involved in creating the content for one. The aim was to make them the ambassadors of the campaign, which will promote the Media Literacy and Critical Thinking in Youth Work project funded by Erasmus+.

Their journey, however, did not end there. After the project ended, they returned to their schools and communities and tried to spread the knowledge they gained in our training. What Media4change did, was to give them the tools and teach them the methods on how to teach others what they learned. Their workshops on Media Literacy, Critical Thinking, and Human Rights will continue in 2019 with new events and activities.


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