December 21, 2018

Voice4Migrants workshop for strategic planning

Media4change is always trying to find new innovative ways and different angles of the stories in order to give voice to the voiceless. We are constantly working on joint projects with editors, journalist and human rights experts to make our vision come to life.

We imagined a world where migrants are treated equally. A world where people do not act based on their prejudices. A world where migrants have the opportunity to speak for themselves.  A world where media present migration issues fairly and without discrimination. A world where journalists are trained in how to report sensitive issues and how to search for all the angles.

We believe that this world exists. And we want to bring it to life.

How we are going to do that? Simply with Voice4Migrants project.

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This big movement of changemakers started on 15th of September 2018 with the first workshop of strategic planning that took place in Lithuania. 45 people from all around the world gathered together for one big purpose: to plan the long journey of Voice4Migrants. They brought with them their new fresh ideas on how to enable European citizens to develop counter-narratives to hate speech and to foster dialogue on policies of migrant integration across European countries.

The participants came from different professional backgrounds and as a result, we had an interesting mix of ideas that came from journalist, activists, campaigners, communication specialists, academics and facilitators who during the workshop exchanged their knowledge and experiences. For better outcomes, the participants were divided into 4 different working groups:

  • Traveling exhibition of non-stereotypical headlines
  • Project communication campaign
  • Migrant Library in the parliaments
  • Plan of working with media as a target group

Each working group had a different mission but all of them were connected, as they had a common purpose: to plan the rest events of Voic4Migrants project. This event was just the beginning of a big long journey. Our international team of changemakers will have the chance to travel around Europe and implement the activities of Voice4Migrants.


More new unique experiences are coming for those who care about the social issues around us. More interesting dialogues between people who want to learn new things and expand their horizons.

We are the changemakers. Will you take the lead with us?

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