May 26, 2013

The Code – what a „good journalist“ is

What does it mean to be a good journalist? We share The Code from the first Media4change training on diversity and hate speech with you. Young journalists from Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Serbia, Spain and UK came up with this Code – in no particular order.
By Media4change staff

Media4change trainings participants in Druskininkai, Lithuania.

  1. Demonstrate humanity
  2. Use arguments based on facts, not emotions
  3. Involve  those directly affected to be accurate
  4. (Use logic to) Scrutinize what you read and write
  5. Inform, don’t speculate
  6. Respect everyone (be polite)
  7. Understand your power as a journalist
  8. Challenge, don’t use or create stereotypes
  9. Be independent; tell the truth without fear
  10. Never fall in love with what you write; find new angles
  11. Double check for double meanings, avoid the risk of misinterpretation
  12. Arouse empathy in your audience
  13. Speak clearly – in short sentences (KISS)
  14. Stay critical
  15. Listen to your conscience
  16. Journalism is a responsibility
  17. Report on issues/problems that (really) matter
  18. Never quit…
  19. Hold leaders to account
  20. To get things right dig deeper
  21. Reflect multiple viewpoints
  22. Don’t trust (community) leaders to reflect all views (of the community)
  23. Don’t be afraid to piss people off
  24. Use freedom of speech responsibly

Would you add something to this list?

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