October 1, 2014

Competition for journalists and creative workshop

NISI which initiated movement of Media4change organized a creative workshop for journalists participating in Media4change competition.Competitors are journalists who have to prepare a work of investigative journalism.

In the workshop of 25th-28th of September also participated professional journalists such as Skirmantas Malinauskas (15min.lt), Rytas Staselis („Verslo žinios“), Dovydas Pancerovas (15min.lt), Vaidotas Beniušis (BNS) and others who were consulting participants. We invited BBC specialist Paul Myers, who talked about research on the Internet. The topic of human rights and corruption were revealed by experts from NGOs (Tranpsarency International Lithuanian Department, Kaunas women society, Coalision “I Can Live”, the researcher of Roma community etc.).


Workshop was started by Linas Matulis, who are a guide of positive experiences. He adviced how to reach your own success and what tools can help you to do it. Also he talked about a creation of good reputation and name for a journalist.

In this creative workshop we tried to provide participants with the variety of opinions about human rights, for example how European Court of Human Rights works. The variety of approaches is very important while working on investigation or any journalistic product. Moreover, media expert Audronė Nugaraitė talked about investigative journalism and the definition of it. Very  often we confronted very sceptical  opinion about this type of journalism thus Audornė stressed another point of view. She showed examples how good investigations can make real positive changes.

Next days participants had a chance to go in depth with topics such as corruption, psychiatry, HIV situation in Lithuania and worldwide, use of  violence against women, Roma women. Also we invited experienced journalist to consult participants regarding their investigation. They helped to prepare a plan for investigations, to include most important parts, choose sources, databases and so on.

BBC specialist Paul Myers introduced us with various ways for information research on the net, how to be smarter than Google. In addition he talked about important sources, databases, how to identify somebody you need via social networks. Before hand Paul had a seminar organized by our partners Transparency International Lithuanian Department.

On behalf of the movement Media4change, on 25th of July we announced a contest for professional and young journalists to carry out investigations on human rights or corruption topics. We collaborate with a movement called “White gloves” which stands for transparent public politics, political movements, and elections. We established prize of 25.000 litas, which is going to be divided for the best investigations. The aim of this contest is to promote and maintain the tradition of investigative journalism. Also we have the panel of commission (professional & experienced  journalists, media experts, scholars) which is responsible for selection of candidates and consultations for those, who might need it.

Now till the 2nd of October journalists have to send their investigations’ plans which are going to be evaluated by Commission and these selected ones will prepare investigations. The best ones will get a particular amount of a prize.



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